Built generic
Customized individually*

*Built for action sports such as paragliding, skydiving, kite-surfing, surfing and scuba-diving.

Powerful standard features


360° view on the customer profile, purchases, and flights, all in one view.

All your contacts in one place, accessible by all, with actionable data updated in real time. This includes contact info, communication history, social media profiles, interests, and related tasks and notes. A built-in contact manager lets you manage your contacts in a centralized manner. Every interaction with a customer is tracked and updated in real time for all the administrators to see.


Easily create a price quotes for your customers.

Easily create a Quote direct from the admin panel, with no tedious re-typing. Quotes and proposals are automatically created. You can simply create the PDF offer directly from PeakPanel with just a few clicks. Quotes can be followed upon, and every Quote can be transformed into an Order. See which Quotes are outstanding, and have PeakPanel remind you when a Quote is due to expire.


Flexibility on managing orders, invoices, receipts and purchase orders.

Peak Panel offers you real flexibility in managing your orders and invoices. When you decide if you want to use quotes, sales orders, invoices or purchase orders, all the modules are included in our simple pricing scheme. Manage the sales order process, filter on statuses with reminders, add/edit products, and automatically update the payment status based on CAMT banking communication.


Manage your products and inventory easily. We will inform you on your stock levels.

Customization of your product records using as many custom fields as you need alongside the structured information that is available by default. Products can be filtered by any of the information that you hold, buy price, sell price, commission rate, category, manufacturer, supplier and many more. For each product you can specify the start and end date, tax class and rate, and currency prices.


Manage courses, events and planned activities using an intuitive interface.

Know what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and what has been done before. The activity management area is suited for Travels, Events, Tandem booking, Demo rental and Daily activities. The customized views offer calendars and tabular information about your data, driving you towards the information that is important to you, when it is important and see which activities have priority.


Monitoring of sales, marketing and customer support in a customizable dashboard.

The monitoring panel offers insights into the data gathered by the sales, and therefore revenues. Monitor your marketing, sales and customer support metrics with PeakPanel’s Dashboards. The reports are used to turn your data into insights. Listing of top customers by purchases helps with managing existing relationships better and build new ones – one customer at a time.

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